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Skye and Lochalsh Community Care Forum SCIO (Scotland) case study

How Skye and Lochalsh Community Care Forum SCIO (Scotland) are using Give as you Live to raise funds.

Community sector

£66,008.27 raised

79 supporters

44 fundraising pages

Who are your charity and what you do? What impact has been made with the funds raised?

We are Skye & Lochalsh Young Carers and we provide support to young carers from across the region. We believe it is the right of every young carer to be recognised in their role and to have the same opportunities and life chances as other children and young people. Skye & Lochalsh Young Carers’ goal is to make a positive difference in the lives of young carers, we offer a space for young carers to have a break from caring and to get the support they need. We provide this through regular support groups, respite breaks, advocacy, training, one to one support including bereavement support. We meet after school every day to offer young carers a chance to make new friends and have a break from their caring situation at home. The groups provide young carers with a safe space to talk, get a healthy snack, engage in life skill development challenges, and have chance to be creative and play games together.

How does your charity use Give as you Live? How do you share Give as you Live with your supporters?

Our charity uses both Give as you Live donate and Give as you Live online. The online platform allows our supporters to shop online and we are given a percentage of what they spend, this can quickly add up. The donate platform has helped us earn funds for fundraisers we have had over the years including the Great Wilderness Challenge and the food bank we have ran since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.

We mainly share Give as you Live with our supporters through our Facebook page and email updates to our followers.

What has been your greatest success using Give as you Live?

Our greatest success using Give as you Live has been our annual fundraiser for the Great Wilderness Challenge. Every year we take part in the GWC and Give as you Live has made a huge difference helping us fundraise for this year after year.

Any top tips you would recommend to other charities?

Sign up! It’s a great and free way to help build your fundraisers and earn extra money for your charity!

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