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Unlock your charity's full fundraising potential with Give as you Live Donate

Discover the full impact of fundraising

Give as you Live Donate provides charities like yours with an exceptional fundraising partnership. Our online platform offers Fundraising Pages for up to 5 charities, Campaign Pages for events and appeals, plus expert support.

Personalised support

Our expert fundraising team is on hand whenever you need them

Free to use

There are no setup or monthly fees, perfect for charities of any size

Track your activity

Our downloadable GDPR-compliant reports give you a full view of your fundraising

Campaign Pages

Transform your events, appeals and fundraising campaigns with fully branded pages

Ticketed Events

Run paid and free events with ease, and no extra fees

Split donations

Raise for up to 5 charities - we do the admin and pay out your bespoke split of funds raised

Regular payments

Forget the admin - payments are automatic, so no need to chase

Hassle-free Gift Aid

We'll capture Gift Aid declarations automatically for you to download in a HMRC-ready file

Guest checkout

Fewer abandoned donations = more for you, and happier donors who can remain anonymous

Since 2005, we've raised £3456789012323456789012,456789012348901234567878901234567,789012345673456789012389012345678 for UK charities

See how much you can save

Our low-cost platform is perfect for charities of any size. Find out how our fees compare to other fundraising platforms - we've even got a handy calculator so you can see how much of your donations you can keep.

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Loved by thousands of charities

Raise for Motor Neurone Disease Association
Raise for Macmillan Cancer Support
Raise for Breast Cancer Now
Raise for Cats Protection
Raise for Starlight Children's Foundation
Raise for The Salvation Army
Raise for Dogs Trust
Raise for Woodland Trust
Raise for Border Collie Trust Great Britain
Raise for Tearfund
Raise for Parkinson's UK
Raise for Cystic Fibrosis Trust

Kevin raised over £5.4M for MNDA and Leeds Hospital

“Creating fundraisers like the Extra Mile and the Ultra 7 in 7 Challenge is no small feat. Kevin Sinfield's plans - inspired by his friend Rob Burrow - were very ambitious.

Every element, from agreeing on the challenges and event set-up, to generating national press coverage and finding the right fundraising provider, was crucial to creating a winning formula.

The Give as you Live Donate platform and team were great, helping to process thousands of donations every minute and providing us with timely reports; they were there for us every step of the way.”

Motor Neurone Disease Association

Initiate corporate fundraising

Support your corporate partners' fundraising goals and help drive their CSR and ESG initiatives with our online fundraising platform.

Our fundraising platform for corporates includes Campaign Pages, matched funding, custom branding and more.

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Personalised support in best utilising our free solutions, increasing your fundraising activities, and reaching a wider audience with Give as you Live Donate is just a call away!

You can also request a printable info pack that you can share with trustees or other decision-makers.

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