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Claim your £50 bonus donation

Add a Donate Button to your website and collect £5,000 in donations from your supporters between 1st August and 31st December to earn your £50 bonus!*

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A simple solution for all your online donations

Our hassle-free donation portal makes it really simple to collect donations for your charity.

Our buttons can easily be added to your website, newsletters, blog and email signature. Whether you use a standard Donate Button or create your own branded button you'll be able to start collecting donations instantly.

Personalised support

Our expert fundraising team is on hand whenever you need them

Free to use

There are no setup or monthly fees, perfect for charities of any size

Branded for you

Our Donate Buttons can be customised with your charity's colours and styles

Regular payments

Forget the admin - payments are automatic, so no need to chase

Hassle-free Gift Aid

We'll capture Gift Aid declarations automatically for you to download in a HMRC-ready file

WordPress Plugin

A handy plugin for Wordpress that allows you to add branded buttons to your website

Since 2005, we've raised £3456789012323456789012,456789012348901234567878901234567,789012345673456789012389012345678 for UK charities

See how much you can save

Our low-cost platform is perfect for charities of any size. Find out how our fees compare to other fundraising platforms - we've even got a handy calculator so you can see how much of your donations you can keep.

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Speak to our fundraising experts

Personalised support in best utilising our free solutions, increasing your fundraising activities, and reaching a wider audience with Give as you Live Donate is just a call away!

You can also request a printable info pack that you can share with trustees or other decision-makers.

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