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The Uphill Trust (Scotland) case study

How The Uphill Trust (Scotland) are using Give as you Live to raise funds.

International sector

£2,906.30 raised

46 supporters

What marketing assets do you use to promote Give as you Live?

Sharing all the free funds milestone badge as it comes in. Embedding the Give as you Live sign up page with information video onto our website. Using the featured charity twitter and facebook banners. Shopping card promotional photos, occasional use of other marketing resources (we are a small charity and do not want to overwhelm our supporters with constant marketing messages).

We have used our different coomunication channels including our website, twitter, instagram, charity facebook page and digital newsletters.

How have the funds raised through Give as you Live helped your charity?

A little of what we have in the UK goes a long way in Uganda - the money raised so far in 'free donations' will allow us to provide a 10,000L water tank along with gutters and down pipes to collect water from a block of classrooms at the school we support. Water for hand-washing and, once filtered, for drinking by 280 children and 14 staff members at Uphill Junior School. There is no running water in this rural community, so rain water harvesting and storage is a vital utility. Thank you, Give as you Live.

What does £5 raised mean to your charity?

£5 will ensure that two children from single parent families could have full primary education at Uphill Junior School for a whole term.

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