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The Froglife Trust case study

How The Froglife Trust are using Give as you Live to raise funds.

Animal sector

£3,027.78 raised

96 supporters

1 fundraising pages

What does this mean to your charity?

Froglife manages a number of core projects and as these are ongoing projects it is very difficult to obtain grants to cover the costs. One project is our Toads on Roads project. Froglife coordinates volunteer groups (toad patrols) across the country who go out on Spring evenings to help thousands of toads across roads as they try to reach their hereditary ponds to breed. Toads are very hereditary animals and will return to the same pond each year to breed, even if this means that they have to cross a busy road to get to the pond. The volunteers help to rescue thousands of toads each year. Froglife's role is to put people wishing to volunteer in touch with their nearest patrol, to provide patrollers with support and advice and to collate the data of rescued and killed toads. Receiving this money from Give as you Live contributes enormously towards our costs in running this project.

What communication channels do you use to promote Give as you Live?

We have promoted Give as you Live through social media (Twitter and Facebook), our website and our Croaks (monthly e-newsletter). We also ask all staff to use it on their work and home computers.

What Give as you Live resources have you used to promote it to your supporters?

We have used the ready-made social media posts and e-newsletter template.

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