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The Cinnamon Trust case study

How The Cinnamon Trust are using Give as you Live to raise funds.

Animal sector

£144,321.91 raised

270 supporters

107 fundraising pages

What marketing assets do you use to promote Give as you Live?

The Give As You Live donate button is on our ‘contact us’ tab, people are able to contact us with queries or request help, and also donate if they would like to.

How have the funds raised through Give as you Live helped your charity?

This year more than ever our help has been essential to so many. Give As You Live Donate button has made it simple for those who want to support our aims to do so. The number of people we help has increased hugely, especially due to the COVID-19 pandemic, as have the annual vets bills for the beloved pets in our care. As a result of the pandemic, we have seen an influx of pets needing to come into long-term foster, and in order the fulfil our promise to their owners, who place such trust in us, we must ensure we are able to help however and whenever possible. The donations raised through the Give As You Live Donate button have been an incredible help toward our ongoing and increased help.

What does £10, £50, £1,000 raised mean to your charity?

A £10 donation helps us fill the cats’ freezer at our sanctuaries with a selection of fresh fish.

A £50 donation helps with essential sanctuary appliances, for example the tumble driers for the resident pets’ bedding.

A £1,000 donation helps with our vitally important Community Service. We could not possibly do what we do without the help of our wonderful volunteers and donations help us to keep in touch.

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