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How TEAMS4U THE CHARITY are using Give as you Live to raise funds.

International sector

£1,908.08 raised

69 supporters

What marketing assets do you use to promote Give as you Live?

We have found our greatest success comes from promoting Give as you Live personally to our committed supporters, either face-to-face at our annual get-togethers with our volunteers, or through WhatsApp and our newsletters. We have also been promoting it at every briefing with volunteers who travel with us and through social media. We've used the pdf guide and downloadable flyers. However, we have also created our own resources including Powerpoints, video tutorials and fliers with personal testimonials from our volunteers/staff who use it.

How have the funds raised through Give as you Live helped your charity?

We are a relatively small charity focused on improving children's lives across the world through removing barriers to education, supporting well-being and providing better healthcare. Though £500 may seem like not a lot of money in the grand scheme of things, to us it means 100 schoolgirls supported with washable sanitary products so they can stay in school; or one primary school of 800 pupils provided with hand-washing facilities and improved toilets to prevent the spread of infection and hygiene-related illnesses. That's an incredible number of children who's lives have improved simply through the action of shopping online through Give As You Live! Thank you!

What does just £5 raised mean to your charity?

£5 keeps a girl in school in Uganda for 12 months and will also supply reusable sanitary products for her.

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