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Remus Memorial Horse Sanctuary case study

How Remus Memorial Horse Sanctuary are using Give as you Live to raise funds.

Animal sector

£16,788.35 raised

231 supporters

3 fundraising pages

1 campaign pages

What does this mean to your charity?

This means a huge amount to our Remus Horse Sanctuary. The horse welfare crisis in this country continues to escalate, which means we are constantly needing to raise funds to not only look after our existing animals, but also to rescue and provide relief services to those animals in need or under threat.

What communication channels do you use to promote Give as you Live?

We use a spread of channels to communicate and promote Give as you Live, as part of an integrated plan. This means: Social Media (primarily Facebook and Twitter), email newsletters and blogs.

What Give as you Live resources have you used to promote it to your supporters?

We use the weekly email to update our social media campaigns with the new material, and the seasonal campaigns for blogs and newsletters.

What does just £5 raised mean to your charity?

With £5 we can buy a bale of hay which will feed one of our animals for up to a week, dependent on their size and appetite

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