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Remus Memorial Horse Sanctuary case study

How Remus Memorial Horse Sanctuary are using Give as you Live to raise funds.

Animal sector

£17,839.52 raised

235 supporters

3 fundraising pages

2 campaign pages

Who are your charity and what you do?

Remus Horse Sanctuary provides rehabilitation and lifetime care for over 200 horses, ponies, donkeys, sheep, goats and cats near Ingatestone in Essex. And this year we're celebrating our 40th anniversary.

The Sanctuary provides a safe environment for these animals that have been victims of physical and mental abuse, whether because of ignorance or malicious intent.

Sue Burton founded the Sanctuary in 1983 following the plight of the horses on Rainham Marshes in Rainham, Essex, where over 100 horses were left on the bleak marshland. As the water inlets flooded, they became cut off resulting in 13 horses dying in the most awful conditions.

Sadly many horses and ponies continue to be born to die. We see evidence of this constantly and our aim is to raise awareness of this to ensure no animal is born to die in future. #NeverBornToDie.

How does your charity use Give as you Live? How do you share Give as you Live with your supporters?

We share the weekly donation reminders (sent fortnightly) and seasonal campaigns via social media and via email newsletter when you provide content. We also share the reminders again via social media and newsletter. We use the donation buttons on our website and we have also recently created our 40th Anniversary Challenge to celebrate our anniversary but also to raise awareness of our #NeverBornToDie mission.

What impact has been made with the funds raised via Give as you Live?

GAYL is our favourite fundraising and donation platform. The breadth of products is fantastic and really helps to share quick, easy and relevant campaigns. The reporting clearly demonstrates what's working and gives us easy access to thank our donors and claim gift aid. The team are friendly and responsive. All in, you make it easy for us when we struggle with a really small and underfunded team. With online shopping nowadays, asking people to register with GAYL is a no brainer. Thank you.

What has been your greatest success using Give as you Live?

Definitely the online shopping donations. Its such a simple idea but really works well. We want more people to start using it!

Any top tips you would recommend to other charities?

Sign up! Get on board! Have a chat with the team and look at what resources will be suitable for your charity. You won't regret it!

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