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Penrith And District Beekeepers Association case study

How Penrith And District Beekeepers Association are using Give as you Live to raise funds.

Animal sector

£199.06 raised

9 supporters

What marketing assets do you use to promote Give as you Live?

Through our group circulation of e-mails to our members, presentations at Branch Meetings and information provided to new members in their ' Introductory Packs'. We have circulated the various marketing messages received centrally via the Give as you Live weekly resources and campaign e-mails to us, but in particular the in-store cards.

How have the funds raised through Give as you Live helped your charity?

We are saving up to purchase the basic start up kit for installing 'Remote Hive Monitoring Equipment' into our hives at the Training Association Apiary. Each hive will have a small electronic sensor fitted to the bee frames and connected to a central data collection box. The sensors monitor the sounds that the bees make in the hive - their level of 'buzz' changes when they are preparing to swarm, when they are stressed or when the queen leaves the hive to go on her mating flight. It also measures the humidity inside the hive which indicates when the bees are actively storing their food stocks, feeding the young pupa. Flight activity levels and weather temperatures also indicate whether the colony is healthy and can access nectar because the weather conditions are ambient. The sensor is also able to measure the weight of the hive which is an indication of food stocks. All this data is produced graphically and the beekeeper is able to analyse the data to assess what actions need to be taken to maintain the health and well being of the colony- avoiding unnecessary hive inspections which can disrupt the bees and cause them stress. We need to raise at least £800 to purchase the basic equipment of the central data collection box and sensors for two hives.

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