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FOREST SCHOOL FUND, Knaresborough case study

How FOREST SCHOOL FUND, Knaresborough are using Give as you Live to raise funds.

Education sector

£8,796.92 raised

107 supporters

19 fundraising pages

3 campaign pages

How long have you been using Give as you Live?

Since 2013

What projects have you been able to fund with the donations raised?

This means a great deal to our school, it has enabled us to redevelop our playground areas to provide play equipment, wheelchair accessible routes, safety surfaces, a bike store, shaded area and sensory planting.

How do you promote Give as you Live to your supporters?

We promote Give as You Live through communications with parents in newsletters, school website and social media. Using the campaign graphics for social media and posters, also the QR code and Donate/Shop buttons for communications, posters and on the website.

Do you have all the support you require from the Give as you Live team?

We promote Give as you Live regularly to parents and staff, and find that getting people to make their first purchase through the scheme is the most difficult, but once they have done this they realise how easy it is and use it again and again. The online help and the Give as you Live team always provide a very professional service and are very helpful.

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