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Buglife case study

How 154 supporters have raised £1,628.69 with Give as you Live

Buglife case study

Charity name:


Charity representative name:

Paul Hetherington

What does this mean to your charity?

£500 can make a huge difference for bugs it could buy enough seed to sow 2,500 m2 of wildflower seeds that is equivalent to a meter wide strip all the way from Buckingham Place to the Houses of Parliament and back again.

What communication channels do you use to promote Give as you Live?

Website, Twitter and Facebook, e-news, member magazine.

What Give as you Live resources have you used to promote it to your supporters?

Bespoke adverts for Christmas and some of the corporate packages.

What the charity thinks...

Give as you Live is a great way to encourage supporters to give painlessly to Buglife and hopefully makes them think about the cause even when shopping

Paul Hetherington, Charity representative